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„We need to break away from the traditional image that we still have in mind when we think of gold.“

– Harald Seiz –

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The Future Of Money

How it began


Harald Seiz, born in 1961, has meet a lot of challenges on his way as an entrepreneur and he definitely has achieved quit a lot. But, calling him primarily only as an 'action man' would not do justice to him. From the beginning he has followed his path with great passion and has striven for perfection with often surprising creativity, conceptual agility and tactical wisdom.

His deeply rooted urge for independence and his belief in the positive in mankind, combined with his innate and infectious enthusiasm makes him the prototype of the entrepreneur as an entrepreneur and leader.

Immune to ideological constraints and with a keen eye for the very core of an idea or a thing, Harald Seiz has been devoting himself since 2011 to a topic that some may already regard as anachronistic, as outdated by history: gold as a value depot.


This topic is reflected impressively in the product portfolio of his company Karatbars International GmbH, which he founded in Stuttgart in 2011. Realised in different interpretations, but always following the central idea: make gold a stable value accessible to as many people as possible.

As successful and future-oriented as the corporate concept has been to date - to Harald Seiz, Reaching a milestone makes it just the starting point for a new journey. Currently, it is his personal discomfort with the oppressive dependence on international financial policy, which inspires and motivates him to move to completely new terrain: gold as a means of exchange and payment, as crisis-proof value and emergency backup in scenarios of social unrest.

In his book published in 2017 by FinanzBuch Verlag, Munich, Germany 'The Future of Money: How Gold Will Revolutionize Our Payment System', Harald Seiz carefully and comprehensively introduces the reader to this topic.


With great enthusiasm, he argues for a matter-of-fact, ideology-free discussion on the not to be overlooked problems of the international financial system and points out the many weak points that underlie the established payment and securities systems.

His own ideas and proposals, which he, above all, considers capable of protecting small and middle-incomes from the inevitable backlash of inefficient financial markets and the failure of the 'self-healing forces of the market' complete his book, which is quite understandable as a wake-up call.

It can be assumed that this last point on Harald Seiz's current to-do-list will also write another new chapter in his entrepreneurial vita. An equally complex and innovative concept for integrating the retail trade into a currency-independent gold-based merchandise management and payment system is about to be introduced and will certainly be discussed lively.

KaratGold Is Going Ahead

Harald Seiz