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„You will no longer be able to stop our vision. Because the momentum of the future’s gold is unstoppable!“

– Harald Seiz –

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The Karatbars is a company offering attractive offers in the areas of 1 gram Gold Cards, Merchandising, Collector’s and Gift Cards.


KaratBank was founded in Singapore in 2015 and is primarily responsible for the creation and retention of CashGold.


"I have a dream." Everyone knows the legendary word coined by Dr. Ing. Martin Luther King. He has been with me all my life, as well as his country - America. I really like the "American way of live". To this day, the culture, the country and its people inspire me. Meanwhile, I look back gratefully to a demanding but very interesting life. I was born in 1963 near Stuttgart. At the age of three, it was time for me to say goodbye to my father, who retired to his native Greece. I lived in ordinary circumstances with my mother and grandmother. However, I had to learn quickly what it means to be on my own. But even then I recognized the great treasure that life has given us. A gift that we can enjoy all our lives, because we all 'own a company'. Well, this company seems small, but it's usually extremely productive. It is our mindset in our brains that is able to spawn whatever we want, assuming you are able to give the correct instructions. This factory is only as good as its boss.

I was always the boss of my brain. That's why I did not let the living conditions get me down. I have accepted having friends who lived in intact family relationships. I never saw myself as prey to circumstances, I rather took it as an stimulus to surpass myself. That's why I tread the boards of my favorite disco at the age of 15, imitating Elvis. I can do that. Others couldn't, I learned quickly. They stood at the edge of stage and applauded me. Elvis was my idol. Not only because he could sing and dance so beautifully, but because he had taken a path that I also wanted to go: from the bottom to right the top. He was born in simple circumstances. His father was a farm worker, the mother a textile worker. His twin brother was born dead. There was no money for expensive leisure activities. Only a few villagers could afford a radio. Anyone who owned one invited the neighbors, gathering in front of the radio to listen to music. It often happened that the Presleys themselves supplied entertainment when the entire family sang gospel with friends. Elvis already joined in as a toddler. There was no doubt that his musical talent was as if to the manner born.

In my case, it looked different. To put it mildly, I had several talents but none that stood out. Nothing that clearly showed me a way I could go to get to my destination faster. But that did not bother me. I had the dream and the strong conviction that one day I could do something considerable for the benefit of all - creating a win-win situation that would make all people more prosperous. But it would take until then. Nevertheless, the fire of passion had been aroused in me, the teenager with big dreams and ambitions. Although teenager, I knew that this was going to be a tough job. But that did not stop me from doing it like Elvis right away. I slipped into a stage outfit, that resembled Elvis', grabbed a microphone and sang at full volume. A lookalike is not the original, of course, so my success as a singer kept within limits. It was clear to me, that I certainly wouldn‘t become rich this way. But I couldn't care less. Because I realized that success is closely linked with considerable effort and rarely leads to the destination directly. On the contrary, as I was later confirmed again and again in professional life.

I had to go many narrow winding road to finally bring a company from zero to 50 million euros in just four years. Two things helped me: First, Dr. King's word: "I have a dream". Second, the certainty that nothing in life is free. Surely, I would have loved to have the first million euros on the account at the age of 25. But where should it come from? Since I didn't played the lottery, nor took part in betting or gambling, the opportunity of becoming a millionaire this way was ruled out. I had no choice but to choose a profession that should bring me closer to the millions step by step. Not an easy task.

After all, million-dollar professions are anything but sown wide, not to say they do not exist in principle. At least, no millionaire's apprentices have ever crossed my way. So I had no other choice but to use the "trial and error" method as many other now successful personalities did. Instead of whining forever, I decided to tackle things. All in all, I was successful with it, but the setbacks were often painful. These deep hits often hurt me the most and yet I knew they were essential on my way to success. We often learn more from mistakes than from successes. When success finally came, I felt confirmed that my path leading to the founding of my gold house Karatbars was comparable to the work of a sculptor.

So things have come full circle. Even a sculptor has - following Dr. King - a dream.
The artist wants to create a sculpture that does not exist yet out of a white block of marble. Only the sculptor knows about its shape because he sees it clearly in his mind's eye. No one should come up with the absurd idea that the statue's shape already exists wihin the white marble block, and the sculptor only has to cut out everything superfluous with a hammer and a chisel. The statue is created after the vision of the sculptor, who approaches his inner image with every single stroke of his hammer. When he has performed the last stroke of the hammer and the statue incarnates before him, he knows that it was not this one last blow that created the masterpiece, but all the previous strokes taken together. I like this metaphor, also because every entrepreneur will take a lot of strokes on his way to success and wealth. If you can not stand this, don't start your own business.

I could stand it and I learned a lot from every single stroke. With growing success, and similar to a stonemason, I saw a picture, a vision, or rather a mission, for which I will stand up every day.
It is the mission "Gold for all people, for a future in security and prosperity."


The earth has enough resources to feed the world population of seven billion people. Why one-half of humanity starves and the other half enjoys their prosperity is nothing more than a distribution problem. Gold is a strong symbol of character because it has been mankind’s most important method of payment and exchange. So it is critical for me to contribute and to address the problem of imbalance through the power of gold. The World of Charity project is my labor of love. Every little puzzle is important in order to finish the whole picture. The world is beautiful when we see it this way. Life is wonderful if we live like this. Friendships, love, and health are the foundations of a fulfilling life. As long as we focus our attention on war, poverty and hunger, the world will experience more wars, more hunger, and more misery.

If we start today and concentrate on peace, wealth and abundance for all, the world will change for you, for me, and especially for our children and in turn, their children. The W.O.C. Principle lives within you. With your commitment and your energy, we can create anything we desire beyond all limitations.


We have to rethink. At present, many countries are in an economically stable position. But our financial system is not immune to shocks and upheaval - the past is a constant reminder.

In the long term, an alternative to our common payment system is the only option. The right time to change is right now - but caution is required. Without a complete, stable and secure concept managed by a single company, weaknesses will remain, which can serve - or can be abused - as a gateway for negative influences unpredictable today. Providing a coherent solution to these problems is my vision, my passion. The starting point of my entrepreneurial activities is always the most noble and everlasting resource: gold.

There is no need to list the unique benefits and values of this precious metal. Gold is universal and true. With gold as the foundation - literally - we will install a finance and payment system, that meets the challenges of the future with the most advanced means. By prospecting this precious rare resource, transforming it into an everyday means of payment in physical and digital form, managing and securing it using the most innovative technologies of our time - everything from one source, in the responsibility of just one.
For a better world.

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Harald Seiz