The Success of Gold: How Harald Seiz’s “The Future of Money” Theory is Changing the Financial World

When we talk about money, we wouldn’t expect it to not have any more value to it in the future. It’s money. It should be around for as long as we are and for as long as it serves a purpose. We will always need some form of a payment method.

Although it’s true we will always need a payment method; many believe that money will not be the one we choose in the future. Cash is unstable, and the financial market proves that decade after decade through all of its ups and downs. With money being so volatile, it’s made many skeptical of how much we can continue to rely on it. Harald Seiz is one of those people that have a different option in mind.

In his book, “The Future of Money,” Seiz points out the volatility of our current financial market. At the moment, we rely on trust in the financial market that it will perform well and keep earning us money, even though many outside factors influence the numbers. For him, it is only a matter of time into cash loses all of its value and be obsolete.

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