Karatgold Coins – the Latest Cryptocurrency by Harald Seiz

If you’re looking for the latest development in cryptocurrency, then you’ve likely already heard of Karatgold Coins. If you have not though, Karatgold Coin came into the cryptocurrency world in March of 2018 by Harald Seiz, the founder and CEO of Karatbars International.

According to Seiz, and shown in his latest book, “The Future of Money,” his cryptocurrency which has a tangible connection to gold, should be the future of our currency. Cash will become if it hasn’t started already, obsolete and contain no value. Money does not have a place in our future world, and something needs to take its place.

Gold is an item that is a tangible asset. It’s proven to be resilient even when the economy is in a financial crisis. Because of this, it makes gold particularly attractive when talking about the future of our currency.

That is why Seiz created Karatgold Coins. His cryptocurrency still has that tangible connection to gold, which sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies out there. Gold is a precious metal that always has, and always will have value to it. That is not something that can get taken away. It’s been part of society for centuries and is accepted in every culture around the world.

The issue with gold and why it isn’t used as a payment method today is that gold tends to be accessible only in bars and coins with higher value. Trying to buy one bar or coin could make an everyday person go broke. It’s never been practical.

Seiz says that “everyone should be able to afford gold,” and that is what his company is doing – making gold affordable for everyone.

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