Harald Seiz: Unravelling “The Future of Money”

The volatility of the market and economy is always a concern. One day it’s up and performing well before an unexpected crash the following day. It’s hard to predict yet we rely on it so much. Many try to understand it all and explain it to the world. Yet so few do it in a way that reaches a wide range of audience and keeps their attention the entire time.

Harald Seiz is one of those who was able to grab and keep the attention of people around the world with his latest book, “The Future of Money.”

Seiz is the CEO and founder of Karatbars International GmbH. Starting in 2011, Karatbars is an e-commerce business that specializes in selling gold bars. Through their affiliate program, the company can distribute gold basically anywhere. Seiz’s and his company believe that they have logical solutions to the currency and debt crisis around the world with its gold bars.

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