YouGov Survey on Cryptocurrencies: Most Germans know what cryptocurrencies are – but are reluctant to invest in them

STUTTGART, BADEN WÜRTTEMBERG, GERMANY, May 28, 2018 / — Fifty-eight percent of Germans have heard of cryptocurrencies and know approxi-mately or even exactly what the term means. Thirty-eight percent believe that their importance will increase; only 21 percent foresee a loss of significance. However, the level of awareness and the ascription of a continuing high significance are in stark contrast to the answer to the question as to whether Germans would also invest in cryptocurrencies, in comparison to, say, stocks. Only eight percent say that they would invest all or the larger part of the money available to them for investment in cryptocurrencies rather than in equities. This attitude would probably change if cryp-tocurrencies were associated with a value that is recognized as stable, for example with precious metal. Fifty-three percent of those Germans surveyed believe that cryp-tocurrencies would become more attractive; only 25 percent answered this question with No.

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